Monday, November 23, 2009

Play a Game Online

Beginning the Game

Modded Controllers - Evil Controllers

The Saboteur coming soon

Welcome to Play a Game Online.
Loads of free games to play and download free will be featured on the blog, as well as lots of free game downloads and goodies.
Play a Game Online is the sister blog of Games Online Portal - which is part of the Siam Foundation project Megaportal which hosts over 100 blogs and websites free to bloggers and webmasters based in Thailand and South east Asia. The portal is dedicated to helping Young entrepreneurs and bloggers to be able to get a chance at owning and creating their own web projects without having to spend any money.
Please visit our sister site "Games Online" on Siamfoundation Portal - the site has a Gamers Forum too for you to share game downloads, files , cheats, walkthroughs and simply just chat about your favourite games. We hope you enjoy both this blog and our sister site.
Yours Most sincerely
Now, lets get back to playing games....

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